Monday, 19 October 2015

11:00 am
October  18, 2015
Cortes Island, B.C. 

During my time in the Arctic, I learnt so, so much. I have brought back a better understanding of the arctic ecosystem, climate change, and science as a whole.

I so enjoyed learning about all the tiny, specific aspects of the ecosystem – the phytoplankton, the zooplankton and sediment from the sea floor – and it gave me a sense of the incredible biodiversity that the arctic holds.

            Perhaps most importantly, I am bringing back a LOVE of the arctic, and of science. The beauty of the ocean, ice and mountains was staggering, and made me realize what we could loose. Being able to observe the scientific process onboard the ship gave me another way of looking at the world.

            Although I asked masses of questions, the scientists don’t have all the answers yet. The Arctic is full of unchartered waters! Future discovery in the North is both exciting and essential.

            Whether I end up studying Arctic science in the future or not, I will carry this experience with me for my whole life. I hope to share it with you, too! Once I’ve caught up with school, I will be doing presentations on Cortes and in Campbell River. Keep your eyes out!        

            Thank you to all the supporters of this trip. I appreciate all the time, advice, and financial contributions. Part of the intention behind crowdfunding was to invest me fully in the trip. I strived to get the most out of the opportunity and collect things to bring back and share. I am incredibly lucky to have the backing of such an amazing community!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tara Warkentin

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